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Celebrating 81 Years of Entertaining Edinburgh Audiences.

Edinburgh People's Theatre (EPT) are well known for presenting a broad variety of productions ranging from straight drama through to the fun of the Christmas Pantomime.  Our year is based around a schedule of up to five productions (including the Festival Fringe which we have been performing in since 1947) so there's always plenty going on for people to join in with, whatever their level of interest and experience both on stage and off.

Our next production, An(other) Inspector Calls by Andy Moseley, will be performed at Church Hill Theatre, Morningside Road, from Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25th May 2024.  We look forward to seeing you there - details are listed below.

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Our Next Show

An(other) Inspector Calls is a new play that asks whether anything has really changed since Priestley's seminal play.  Easter weekend 2020.  It’s the height of lockdown, but the Gower family are still gathering at their Highland retreat to celebrate their daughter’s engagement to the son of the founder of one of America’s largest pharmaceutical companies.  Their celebrations are cut short when Detective Inspector Anne Gould arrives unannounced.  She is investigating the death of a foreign woman found in an Edinburgh flat with her three month old baby by her side.  How could any of the Gower family be connected to someone like that?  Very easily, as DI Gould's investigation reveals.

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Tickets for our second production in our 81st year are on sale now and can be purchased online from TicketSource; by telephone 0333 666 3366; from a member of the Club; or by post using the rear of one of our flyers - click here to open a new window with a pdf of our flyer.  Print off a copy and fill in the details then return it to us at the address shown along with payment and a stamped addressed envelope.

Open Night - June 2024

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On Tuesday, 4th June we're having our monthly open night at EPT premises from 7.30pm.  If you're interested in joining us, this is a great opportunity to come on down and have a chat with other members and see what we're all about.  No obligation to join whatsoever. 

With An(other) Inspector Calls rehearsals well under way, we're looking for all sorts of help.  Costumes, props, set build, front of house, crew, tech etc. and we need people like you.

Send us and we will give you directions and more details.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding other aspects of EPT or would like to send a message, please use this and we will pass on your message to the relevant person. Bear in mind that we're not always chained to our computers, so please forgive us if it takes a couple of days to get back to you. 

Past Productions

The Steamie :: October 2013
The Honours Of Drumlie :: Fringe 2010
A Murder Is Announced :: March 2012
The Miser :: Fringe 2009
Mary Queen Of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off :: May 2013
Heading For A Wedding :: March 2014
The Chippit Chantie :: Fringe 2011
Dick Barton - Special Agent :: May 2014
Cinderella :: December 2015
When We Are Married :: March 2015
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