Have you bought your tickets to Aladdin yet? If not, and you’ve never been to a Panto before, let us tell you what to expect.

It’s ultimately a story of good versus evil which means there will be a baddy. Nobody really likes them so you should boo them loudly whenever they appear (that includes you Mums and Dads).

There will be a hero and a heroine of the story (the goodies!) They must be kept safe at all times so if the baddy or anything dangerous appears behind them you should shout “It’s/they’re behind you” to warn them.

Every hero needs their mum by their side so there will be a Dame. They tend to have suffered a hard life so make sure you give them lots of sympathy. Oh and they tend also to be on the lookout for a new man so be prepared for flirting

You should sit back, relax and enjoy the show…but be warned that you won’t escape without a sing song of your own! Don’t worry, we’ll provide the words so there’s no excuse for not taking part!

That’s about it really so now there’s nothing stopping you from buying those tickets!

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