Helen Hammond will be holding auditions for her newly devised piece, ‘Our Boy’ on Saturday 10th November from 2pm-6pm at the premises. A reminder that this play will be put forward for the SCDA One Act Festival 2019 – the festival dates are still to be confirmed.

The script is available upon request and brief summary is below.

The main character is Joe who is 13 or 14 years old. There are three other characters:
  • Karen- Joe’s Mum aged 35-50
  • Andrew- Joe’s Dad aged 35-50
  • Young Joe aged 7 or 8 (one scene)


In the story Joe was given a diagnosis of autism when he was 7 years old and subsequently the father found it very difficult to handle the situation and eventually left the family 2 years before the action starts. Just before the play begins Joe has been sexually assaulted on his way home from school. We obviously don’t see or hear that happen, but it is this incident which triggers the events of the play itself. Joe handles the situation remarkably well determined to help the police catch the ‘bad man’. Joe’s mother finds the events too hard to handle after two years coping on her own and goes to her mother’s leaving his father to manage the situation with a boy he struggles to understand. They muddle along surprisingly well (with some humorous incidents) and when Mum returns to the family home Dad is determined to stay. This leads to some difficult conversations which Joe overhears and reacts to, basically telling his parents to behave like grownups and return to being a proper family again. At the end of the play they agree to give it a try!

The Our Boy audition sections are:
Joe  scene 4 page 10
scene 5 page 13
scene 10 page 23

Mum scene 2 page 3
scene 3a and 3c  pages 4-6,8-9
scene 10 page 23

Dad  scene 3a and 3c pages 4-6,8-9
scene 4 page 10
scene 10  page 23

Helen has said, ‘The sections are short, and I would like people to be prepared to add a little movement to their performance. Also, we will be looking for the three actors who best create the family in the piece so I may ask people to do a section more than once with different actors’. 

Please contact Helen directly on helenfhammond@gmail.com or 07715520388 should you have any queries.

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