Our People take part in all different parts of Edinburgh People’s Theatre life. The joy of our club, is you can be as involved as you want to be. Two years ago, we were lucky enough to have Al Brown join us – a gent who is has become integral to EPT. Let him take you behind the scenes…

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I have been a member of Edinburgh People’s Theatre for just over 2 years, having been involved with amateur theatre for just over 30 years. What I have found about EPT in particular, is that although we are a diverse group of individuals – all with our own talents and experiences – we work well together for the common good of the club.

At the last Annual General Meeting, I was voted onto the committee as Treasurer following Gordon Braidwood stepping down. Gordon is someone who is a Life Member and has given several years of unflinching service to the committee and the company as a whole. He managed everything from building structure to putting the bins out. I suppose he deserves a break.

I’m glad to say, however, that whilst taking a step back, he is supporting me in the Treasurer role 100% and I’m slowly but surely learning the ropes. Whilst the position is one I have carried out before, the enormity of what goes on behind the scenes to keep a club like Edinburgh People’s Theatre going is no small undertaking. That is where what we do becomes really impressive.

I’ve learnt more over the last couple of years than I have in the 30+ years previous. Although I’ve been involved with all aspects of a production, from set build, stage management, acting, costumes, marketing, the monthly newsletter….I have never felt such support for taking on new tasks or new learning as I have with EPT. It is something that is actively encouraged – you can be a complete beginner but if you want to learn, the club will help you.

I was getting to the stage in my hobby that it was becoming a chore rather than enjoyable, I can safely say however that since joining EPT I have renewed vigour for my hobby.

To find out more about joining EPT, visit our dedicated section for potential new members.

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