accent training

It is just over a month until our latest play, The Cemetery Club arrives at the Churchill Theatre. Edinburgh and we have been lucky enough to work with leading Dialect Coach Dani Morse-Kopp on accent training. The characters of the comedy are Jewish women living in New York – an accent that is as difficult as it is precise. Cwafee anyone?

Dani grew up in multilingual Switzerland. Her natural talent for language and dialect steamrolled a fascination into how people communicate. She believes dialects and accents are an integral part of what makes us human.
Dani leads accent training workshops and individual coaching sessions on a variety of target accents (Northern Irish, RP, Cockney, General American, NYC etc.). Her linguistic background allows her to research any accent in depth and teach it with technical expertise.

Cast member Lynn Cameron said, “Every accent is individual to a section of a city, a cross-section of a community and of its era. With this in mind, Dani’s guidance has been invaluable in allowing us to do justice to a wonderful set of characters and the play itself.”

Based in Edinburgh, Dani is interested in any opportunity to share her passion for accent training and is excited to coach actors from any background on any dialect.

Tickets are on sale for The Cemetery Club, which runs from the 13 – 16 March at the Churchill Theatre, online now. To find out more about Dani’s work or to contact her please visit her website.

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