Would you like to become one of our People?

There are many benefits to joining Edinburgh People’s Theatre. Becoming a member is incredibly easy and there is no audition process to join. We are keen to welcome anyone who loves theatre as much as we do.

You may want to join to act or just to work behind the scenes where there are equally important jobs to be done. It isn’t all work though… at Edinburgh People’s Theatre the most important part of our club is fun, with regular social events throughout the year.

Still need convincing? Here’s why being a member is so great…

We Love Being Social​

The best part of joining any club has to be meeting new people and doing some pretty fun things. At Edinburgh People’s Theatre, we enjoy spending time together – on the stage or far from it. We take social seriously and as such have a team in place to arrange trips, quizzes, parties, events and much more. Join us and become part of the fun.

We Love Learning New Skills​

Many members, when they join us, have little to no experience of the theatre. Some have been on the stage (or behind it) for years. Theatre is an art that needs to be learned. From how to behave backstage, how to prompt actors on stage, how to build a stunning set, how to direct a pantomime – we are all still learning. And we love it.

We Do What We Love​

We do what we love, whether that is creating a character, a dress fit for a princess or a ticket collection system. We have something for everyone at Edinburgh People’s Theatre. Maybe you are a directing superstar or ace with a paint brush. Maybe you thrive on lighting cues or maybe you are quite happy making tea for everyone. Whatever you love, we will help you find it at EPT.

We Love Gaining Experience​

Whether you are studying drama at college, looking for stage management experience or simply want to do learn more about theatre, you can gain plenty of experience at EPT. Whilst we are a non-professional group, many of our members are brilliant at what they do and are excellent teachers.

Ready to become one of our People?


Find out more about our types of membership and which option is right for you; from full to bulletin - we have something for everyone.


Each month we hold an Open Night for old (oi) and new members alike. Come along and find out more about our club and its people.

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Looking to join? Let's do this. Contact our our friendly Membership Secretary Irene who will be glad to help.

“What I like about EPT is that we are a group of all ages (from 18 upwards) from all walks of life who work together as a team, unpaid, to produce high quality entertainment to bring enjoyment to others. We learn lots of skills and have lots of fun socially as well.”

“We work together as a team”

Irene Beaver, Life Member and Membership Secretary