From Thursday 6th June – Monday 10th June 2019, a group of fifteen members is travelling to Stratford-upon-Avon for a bit of ‘culchur’.

This is our third year and, although it is open to all club members, it is more or less the same crowd for 2019. The four young ones stay in one house and the eleven slightly older ones (Niloo says,’Who are you calling ‘older’?’) are in the big house. We tend to do our own thing during the day but usually meet up for pre-theatre meals.

The emphasis is on improving ourselves – education, exercise, healthy eating, study – aye right!

Activities over the years have included buying handbags, drinking wine, visiting the Shakespeare properties, buying clothes, eating, buying handbags, drinking wine, blethering, buying handbags, falling asleep whilst watching outdoor theatre… Oh, and we go to see the RSC and then nip over to The Dirty Duck to talent spot and drink wine.

Our adventures have included having lunch on a restaurant narrow boat called (I think) The Duchess of Evesham (or am I getting mixed up with Great Expectations?) and a trip on the top deck of a tour bus with the added danger of being smacked in the face by overhanging foliage.

Speaking of danger, two of the young ones became engaged last year. Kevin even got down on one knee, causing an old lady to fall over him – no, that wasn’t me.

This year excitement is mounting. After It Runs In The Family, a few of us will be fully trained medics and one will have been elevated to Damehood. Graham will have to leave his wheelchair behind, I’m afraid.

This year, we plan on storming/visiting Warwick Castle. If things go wrong, look out for us causing havoc on the BBC News.

The RSC plays are Taming of the Shrew, As You Like It, Venice Unprovoked (eh, wait a minute), The Provoked Wife and Venice Preserved.

Other than a drama club like EPT, where would you find a crowd of disparate (no, not desperate, Anne) individuals aged between 21 and 80 going off on holiday together willingly i.e. not family? Love it!

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