edinburgh theatre auditions

Everyone gets nervous before Edinburgh Theatre Auditions, no matter how experienced they are. At Edinburgh People’s Theatre, we make the experience as painless as possible but there is no denying everyone gets a butterfly or two before trying for any part.

Think About Who You Are Meant To Be

Don’t just read your lines or monologue. Take time to think about your character and who you really are. That requires preparation. Ask yourself:

  • Where does your character live?
  • What mannerisms do they embody?
  • Where have they just been or come from?
  • Where are they going?
  • Who are you talking to and why?
  • How do you feel about your character?

Practise Those Lines

Although we have scripts at any Edinburgh People’s Theatre auditions, we provide scripts in advance so you can look over those lines. Practise avoids poor performance. It will make you feel much better if you feel confident in your part.

It might seem obvious but these are all questions to make you think. It will definitely make you think about how you say the lines in any theatre piece.

Mistakes Happen

If you fluff your lines or make a mistake, don’t worry – everyone does it. We are a drama club for fun – this is our hobby. The main thing is you enjoy yourself.

Be Yourself

You are pretending to be someone else so this sounds odd but be comfortable, charismatic and confident. Remember, other members and the production team want you to do well. We welcome all new members warmly, so just be yourself and you will fit in fine.

At EPT, we do around 4 – 5 shows per year, all that have a similar audition process. There are always many Edinburgh theatre auditions with various groups throughout the year and many members don’t only belong to EPT but to other drama clubs in the area.

Why not find out more about Edinburgh People’s Theatre, and if interested, how to join us.

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