Birth of EPT: An Extract

Extract from ‘The Scotsman’ Wednesday 13 October 1943 People’s Theatre New Edinburgh Venture Three one-act plays of Russian life were given last night in the Oddfellows’ Hall, Forrest Road, Edinburgh to mark the opening of the Edinburgh People’s Theatre. The plays were produced by Mr. Andrew P. Wilson in aid of the new hospital in

The Stage Piano (A Cautionary Tale)

By Gordon Braidwood At last it was decided! A stage piano was required for ‘When We Are Married’ and the only available solution was to remove the inner workings of the Black piano, currently sitting in the second rehearsal area, to make it practical for transport to the theatre. So, there I was, one evening,

EPT in 1973

The year was 1973 – I know, pre-history for most of you – and the pantomime was The Silver Curlew. It was based on the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin who, in this case, was Tom Tit Tot, played by John Ramage who later went on to success as a professional actor. The secret password, by the

EPT: Our Life in Lockdown

By member Pat Johnson One of the items on the agenda at every committee meeting is “Website”.  At one such meeting there was mention that someone really should write a blog for the website.  Now I wasn’t sure what a blog was, never having read, let alone written such a thing before, but I heard