Edinburgh People’s Theatre has survived for over 75 years because of our people. Some famous, some celebrated, some who quietly get on with the job however big or small.

Over the years we have seen people come and go, many spending their lives at an ever-growing club. Edinburgh People’s Theatre’s Members vary in age, the youngest having been born in 1998 and the oldest in 1928!

We are all different but share one thing in common; our love of putting on a really good show. It isn’t all about performing. Some people join us because they are looking for friends, others because they have a real knack for turning some pieces of wood into a beautiful set.

Some sew, others paint. Some make our toilets sparkle and others count tickets. Some belong to many drama clubs. Some work, some don’t. Some pop in every week, others are kept up to date via our bulletin. However you want to be involved, there is something for everyone here at EPT.

Most importantly Edinburgh People’s Theatre’s members are here to enjoy themselves. We are an inclusive organisation and open to all.

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