MANy members have come and gone, but some are more familiar than others...

EPT has seen several weel-kent faces including:

Bill Tennant, a well-known TV presenter

 Ian Richardson, Actor 

John Ramage, Scottish Actor

And of course our founder Andrew P. Wilson was a British director, playwright, teacher, and actor.

He acted as General Manager for the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, Ireland in 1914-15.  He was also one of the co-creators of the Scottish National Players (1921–1924).

In 1924 he directed a series of silent films adapted from the golf stories of P.G. Wodehouse. The films featured actor Harry Beasley as a caddie who observes the humorous dramas of various golfers, thus providing a connective tissue between the short films. (In the short stories, this function is performed by The Oldest Member of a golfing club.)

Wilson wrote radio plays for the BBC, including the series Sandy and Andy that ran between 1936 and 1947.